Fiona and Robert

"..a different point of view"

McNeill Botanicals

As qualified and respected Art & Design educators since 1980, learning and teaching is in our DNA. Now, as professional botanical artists, we have a passion for sharing our knowledge and encouraging students to develop their potential and progress within the genre.


As curators, judges  and participants in acclaimed exhibitions, nationally and internationally 

and invited tutors for RBGE, the SBA, the SSBA, the DSBA, BAGSC and the ASBA we bring a wealth of experience, practice and passion to our workshops in Botanical Art.


In our classes students develop their skills and gain in confidence, many have acquired substantial recognition within the genre; exhibiting in local, national and international exhibitions, winning awards, becoming professional members of national societies, gaining diplomas and certificates, and for having their work published.

For information regarding our classes please visit our website at the following address.