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Protea magnifica detail.png

.......light, plant, paper and watercolour.

Robert's use of light to describe form has been described as, 'unparalled'.

His exceptional control of light is a captivating and inspirational experience for the spectator. The ability to replicate in transparent watercolour the complexities of light weaving it’s way across a plant form serves to highlight this painters exceptional breadth of knowledge and understanding not only in terms of pigment on paper but how light itself behaves.

Rogersia podophylla.png

His extremely skilled articulation of watercolour as a means of producing an accurate visual narrative is a very time consuming process. Combined with his relentless effort to capture the effect of light and make it an integral part of his visual language is undoubtedly a Hallmark of his work.

Abies koreana detail.png

The dynamic nature of his paintings begins with rigorous observation and accurate drawing, key elements in all of his botanical work. Tightly integrated perspective with beautifully modulated colour and deep tonal values are cleverly orchestrated into masterful compositions.

Telopea Detail.png

When selecting what plant forms to paint, Robert’s choices are never taken lightly, but they are made extremely quickly. The success of these rapid responses is dependant upon a well informed eye filtering out emotive content to focus upon more formal aspects of the subject matter.

Pinus wallichiana detail.png

Robert's astuteness as an artist is an asset that he has built throughout a lifetime of artistic practice. Accrued knowledge, understanding and constant development of his methods is always brought to bear upon his work, but repetition of means rarely plays a part. He has the ability to lead the spectator into a world of botanical minutiae, revealing the overlooked and previously unseen.

Cardiocrinum giganteum detail.png
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